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Let's Write a Story

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Let's Write a Story



1. Think of a story that includes the following characters and props:

A pencil         4 crickets        a ladybug        a hermit    a troll       

a basket of ________________    a lake        a house (you describe it)   

two small hidden slips of paper




2. Your prewriting plan:         Draw your setting (where and when)








3. What’s the problem?






4. Characters:

Who’s the “good guy” (protagonist)? 

Who’s the “bad guy” (antagonist)?








5. Theme: What will your characters teach the reader?  What will your reader learn? (Moral or lesson of the story)   One way to think of this is to consider the statement:

“People should ____________________.”



6. Plot: Think about how the action and characters in your story will teach your theme as you prewrite with this plot outline:

a. Set-up: How will your story start?




b. Rising Action: How will you build suspense for your reader --- list the events that start the problem in the story:















c. Climax/solution: List the events that show how the problem will be solved:












d. Falling Action: How will you finish the story so all the events are finished for the reader?




7. Start writing your story using your plan…








Try to include our Young Author tips we learned from each other.  After you have finished writing your story, see how many of these ideas you included:


Young Author Lessons





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