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Poetry Places Directions



Poems hide...



Poems hide

in your eyes

zooming down the slide

bouncing across the slick snow

turned to ice at the end of your ride.



Poems hide in far away places

Like Egypt's pyramids--burial spaces;


Poems hide when traveling miles

To my gramma's arms, her hugs and smiles.


Poems hide in eyes that listen

When friends understand my tears that glisten.


Poems hide inside my mind

They keep me warm and treat me kind.


Where do poems hide for you?

Have you found a poem that fits you too?













Learning About Poetry:



What spaces would be great places for poetry?












Form groups for each space to search through poetry books and find just the right poems for just the right places.



Groups should ask themselves:

What poems

∑ Will offer a surprise?

∑ Grab the reader?

∑ Allow readers to see the spot in a new way?

∑ Will cause people to stop and ponder?

Reflect the time or activity occurring at the spot?




Keep notes in your notebooks:

The Place

The Title and author

The Title of the book

The page number


Why would you place it there?



What would be a good dedication?



What do you like about the poem? a phrase? an image? a style? a connection?


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