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Poetry Places




Poetry Places: Reading Spaces

Sheri Edwards


Around the room in many places

Look for words in everyday spaces.

Take time now to enjoy the sense

That words create pictures: intense.

What do you see? What do you know?

Why are they there? Are they just for show?

Or do they send a bit of truth

To all of us, old and youth?

Think of a place around the school

Where you can place a poem, a priceless jewel.

A poem in place for others to read and feel

In a special spot; its space revealed.



Partner Poetry Reading--1


Partner read the poems at least twice, looking for a part of the poem with which to connect. In your notebooks, write

1. The title of the poem

2. What phrase(s) grabbed you? What did you like?

3. What images did you see?

4. What would you improve?


Rotate around the room to read most poems.


Share poetry connections.


Partner Poetry Reading--2


Go to one poem to:


Read a part of the poem again.




  1. Why was that poem placed in that spot?
  2. What audience would read it there?
  3. What purpose does the poem share in this spot?
  4. Could it fit in another spot?
  5. What does the dedication do?  Why is the poem dedicated to that thing, idea, or person?





Partner Poetry Reading--3

Reread a poem. Write a positive comment on its comment page.




Team Work 1: Pondering Poems for Placement


First: Ponder Places and Topics:

Make a list of at least five places your team wants to place poems.

Write what kind of poem or topic of poem you want to place in each spot.

Type this information at the Poetry: Where? What? page:  http://coyotetalks.pbwiki.com/Poetry:+Where?+What?


Second: Ponder Poems for Places:


Read lots of poems. 

Find one you like.

Mark a sticky note by the poem: write your initials AND the spot you want to place it in.


Find just the right poem for the places we have listed at Poetry: Where? What?

You may place a poem at anyone's place.  Just type the title of your poem on the Poetry: Where? What? page.


Third: Reflect on what you have done.




Team Work 2: Preparing Poems for Placement


Once you have found a poem, you need to:


Copy the poem neatly with its title and author.

Include your name by listing it as the Ponderer. (see samples)

Include a unique dedication -- to whom or what do you dedicate the poem? (see samples)

Include the line: If you would like a copy of this poem, please write the title of the poem and your name on a piece of paper.  Put it in our Grade 5 Writing Poetry Box.

Create an illustration to match the spot and the poem.


Remember: neatness and spelling is most important now!


Check with teacher for OK and for construction paper for your display.


Reflect on what you have done.


Team Work 3: Poetry Places


When your poem is ready, you will share it with the class.

Then we will place the poem together and celebrate.


Reflect on what you have done.



Team Work 4: Why do we like these poems?

What makes a good poem?

Learning the strategies---we'll add them as we find and learn them. :)


Reflect on what you have done.









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