Young Author Lessons

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Young Author Lessons



We can learn from each other.


Here are some examples:


To be a good writer, we should




Use specific names:


A girl named Kate

his friend Ginger

The Whistle Forest

Ellie Faber travelled to Canada

Delaware River

Ruby, the Red Ant


Use lots of details:

a scream and boom

500 years

ant crawling on white napkins

two pickles, mustard, ketchup, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and mayonaisse

mouth-watering, juicy, two-pickled hamburger

followed the path and smelled food


Use dialogue:

My mom called me and said, "Don't look for the river; look for a hidden path."

He yelled, "Help! Help! Help!"

She thought, "I'm going to eat this at lunch for tomorrow."



Use strong, vivid verbs:








Use onomatopoeia

ear--ear--ear  (a creaking door)




Think of interesting titles:

Ugh!! Ants These Days

The Masabo Island


Story Sense:

Beginning: A girl loved mysteries

Middle:  A dark spooky thing grabbed it.

End: She shouted, "I want to go home!" and she woke up from her dream.


Surprise Endings

The ant sent him on a trip for wishes.

I went back and my hamburger was gone!

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